ACTIVITIES End-of-life vehicles

Activities with end-of-life vehicles (WMMV)

The treatment of a car and the materials that it is made of passes through several
- Collection
- Temporary storage
- Recycling

WMMV gather in temporary storage and special areas for dismantle by specialist car as Roadside assistance.

The weight of delivered WMMV are measured on weighbridge, certified by the Regional Department of the Directorate General "Measures and measuring instruments”.

Police issued a certificate of deregistration when WMMV is accepted.


Temporary storage and recycling

Upon receipt of ploshtdakite for temporary storage and owners,
IUMPS be stripped of the special purpose distinct locations.

Design and construction of site complies with all environmental and sanitary requirements, under current laws and regulations for the treatment of opadatsite from motor vehicles (Official Gazette br.104/2004).

While few percentage of discarded motor vehicles with parts suitable for reuse in dismantling paying greater attention to their separation, and separation of components, which are classified as hazardous waste. Therefore dismantling discarded motor vehicles is carried out very carefully in order to reduce kolichestvot o hazardous substances in waste for subsequent treatment.

After dismantling the remainder of IUMPS be shredirane. During the shredding materials undergo a series of mechanical and physical separations, and thus separate metal from non-metallic waste, black-ferrous metals. The resulting waste is transferred to the recovery of the recycling industry. Recycling process significantly reduces the need for non-renewable natural resources, which leads to reduction of pollution. About 75% of discarded motor vehicles, mainly metals, are recycled in the EU.

Shredding propulsion system has to separate the steel and nonferrous metals from non-metallic waste based on magnetic separation and propulsion systems for the separation of ferrous metals from non-metallic waste through induktsionnen method.

Waste recycling is implemented in the internal or external market, be transmitted to the specialized enterprises for recycling / disposal.


Delivery of waste is based on contracts with contractors who have valid permits for the activities.