ACTIVITIES Waste from electronic and electrical equipment

Activities with discarded electrical and electronic equipment (DEEE)

Categories of electrical and electronic equipment
Categories of electrical and electronic equipment - Large household appliances
- Small household appliances
- Informational and telecommunications equipment
- Consumer equipment
- Lighting
- Electrical and electronic tools (except large stationary industrial equipment units)
- Electrical and electronic toys, items for entertainment or sport
- Medical devices (with the exception of all implanted and contaminated with biological agents, components)
- Equipment for monitoring and control
- Automatic


Nadin performs the following activities with DEEE

Collection delivery, accumulation, sorting and / or mixing of waste for transportion

Transportation – - transportation of waste, including supported activities of loading, reloading and unloading when performed by the operator as an independent activity;

Temporary storage  – the storage of different types of waste in designated sectors of the ground. The time limit for temporary storage is considered with regulatory requirements.

Pre-treatment – – it is made by pre-treatment installation ADELMANN Recycling RP-EEE type of RP-EEE which use electrical and electronic equipment (DEEE) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, glass are separated after elimination of dangerous components (Freon, oil, polyurethane) and dismantling the equipment through a fully automated process.

We do not accept the above types of waste, if they contain dangerous chemicals or are mixed with debris. We do not allow overflow waste on the ground in order to avoid environmental pollution and strictly to observe the law. For the same reason we do not allow any pollution.