ACTIVITIES Discharge lamps

Discharge lamps


On the ground in Plovdiv Nadin perform pre-treatment of discharge lamps to their constituent elements - metal, glass, mercury and other components, depending on the type of lights. Also there Nadin perform recycling of plastic waste to granules.

Installation for treatment makes fluorescent tubes - ECN / Electronic communications network/
Nadin made fluorescent tubes by cutting the ends of the lamps. They are cut with diamond disk. The fluorescent powder is blown through the air made of glass tubes, leaving a clean glass fraction. The system works in under pressure environment in order to avoid emissions of mercury outside the closed office of the machine.


Installation for treatment of mercury and sodium lamps - HID Lamp Processor
The installation isdDesigned for treatment of mercury and sodium lamps, high intensity discharge (HID) with different sizes up to 450 mm. 

HID divided mercury lamp in three consecutive processing steps:
- The outer glass bubble breaks and separate with the capsule.
- The capsule that contains mercury is separated smash.
- Internal metal parts are separated by cutting through the disk.
Capacity: Up to 500 tubes / hour ??

?Installation for the distillation of mercury – HGV
It is designed for processing materials containing mercury which are gained from previous installations.

The system is fully automated. Distillation process is in completely closed system, operating under vacuum to avoid the emission of mercury out of the installation. Treated air is filtered with carbon filters to remove residual mercury and no emissions.
Capacity: 120 l / batch broken lamps, 100 l / batch fluorescence.

?? Installation of lamp produces five fractions: ?? ?????????? ??? ???????:
- Fluorescent powder mass containing mercury
- Clear soda glass
- Ferrous metals
- Non-ferrous metals
- Waste materials - glass, solder.

Recyclable wastes are transferred for further processing to companies having facilities to do it and having permission under existing legislation.